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Life is better with a cat. Or maybe two. How about a werecat who can shift into a sexy man? Sure, they can be tough to understand, meowing at nothing and running off at a moment’s notice. But in a dangerous situation, there’s no better ally, and in bed, they make their lovers purr… as long as they don’t mind an occasional nip or a little bit of kink. The clowder might not trust humans, and no mating is without its challenges, but that won’t stop these cats from finding and claiming their perfect men.


Alpaca rancher and fiber mill owner Rance Crawford is instantly smitten with his brand-new neighbor Ben McCutcheon, in The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters; he just has to find a good way to show his interest.

Jeremy, an ex-con hanging on to his last bit of hope, thinks life might be looking up when Rance Crawford offers him a job, in How to Raise an Honest Rabbit, but when Jeremy meets Aiden and his past comes knocking, will Jeremy have the courage to stay and fight?

Stanley is stuck in a rut, in Knitter in His Natural Habitat, unsure if he’s happy with his personal life or his professional life as a floor designer for craft stores; then Johnny into his life, trailing a dark past, and Stanley has to decide what he’s willing to give up to keep Johnny.

In Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny’s Lair, Jeremy barely survives a horrific beating, and he’s left with the scars to prove it; between the Jeremy’s long road to recovery and a friend’s baby who needs special care, Aiden and Jeremy might find the common ground necessary to firm up their shaky relationship.