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Celebrate with Harmony Ink Press as we recognize the talented winners of our annual Young Author Challenge. These anthologies showcase the LGBTQ genre’s best up-and-coming-authors between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one.


In the distant future, human civilization lies in ruins. Monsters—both creatures and human—threaten the few survivors. The world's one hope is Kyrios, an omnipotent AI sworn to protect humanity. But Kyrios is fragmented, shattered to prevent Its takeover by the ultimate threat. In the hope of healing Itself and continuing Its mission, Kyrios enlists special individuals to discover and awaken Its parts. If these people can succeed despite danger, deception, and greed, one day, Kyrios might be whole.

One day, the world might be safe again.



Book geek Yancy Bell might have a nervous bladder, but he has a strong spirit, plenty of courage, and a big heart. Popular college jock Curt Donavan seems to have everything, except he’s haunted by his sexuality and terrified of being himself to the point where he thinks it might be easiest to simply end it all. Yancy puts a stop to Curt’s plans, but it’ll be a long and difficult journey toward coming out, coming together, and working toward their dreams. With each other’s understanding and support, this pair of opposites might make it to happily ever after.