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Verhelfen das Polarlicht und eine Liebe im zweiten Anlauf einem sich quälenden Künstler zu neuer Inspiration?

Als der New Yorker Maler Devon Starr seine Sucht aufgibt, verschwindet auch seine Inspiration. Devon braucht eine Veränderung und reist wegen des Schlaganfalls seines Vaters nach Hause, nach Alaska. Die kleine Stadt, in der er aufgewachsen ist, ist jedoch nicht mehr so wie in seiner Erinnerung.

Enrique Salazar kann sich noch ausgesprochen gut an Devon erinnern und macht es zu seiner persönlichen Mission, Devon die Augen für die wilde Schönheit und all die Möglichkeiten um sie herum zu öffnen. Die beiden Männer kommen sich näher, und gerade als Devon langsam begreift, was immer für ihn da war, sind sie gezwungen, sich gegen eine Bergbaugesellschaft zu wehren, die die unberührte Natur bedroht, dank derer sie sich verliebt haben. Der gemeinsame Kampf verstärkt ihre Bindung noch, doch als das Verlangen, wieder einen Pinsel in die Hand zu nehmen, zurückkommt, vernimmt Devon auch den Ruf der Stadt.

Ein Mann gefangen zwischen zwei Welten. Devon bleibt nur, seinem Herzen zu folgen.


La Voûte – Livre II

Terrence Moss. Conrad Harris. Gold Team Leader. Darius Hawthorne. La Voûte. Devoir jongler avec toutes ces identités en ébranlerait plus d’un, mais pour Darius, c’est juste la routine habituelle. Après avoir clos un chapitre de sa vie, il ne laisse derrière lui qu’un nom – et toutes les personnes auxquelles il était familier. À plus de quarante ans, il n’a réussi à garder le contact qu’avec une poignée de collègues, un nombre d’amis encore inférieur et aucun partenaire notable… mais les choses sont sur le point de changer.

Ce nouveau chapitre risque de bousculer l’ordre défini de sa vie : un domicile fixe, une identité qu’il s’est nouvellement réappropriée, une famille inattendue, et c’est sans parler de sa rencontre fortuite avec le seul homme que Darius ait jamais aimé : Efrem Lahm. Les raisons pour lesquelles ils se sont séparés demeurent valables et regagner une confiance mutuelle n’a rien d’une priorité entre eux. Malgré tout, Efrem est déjà certain d’une chose : il ne laissera pas Darius lui échapper cette fois-ci… et ce dernier va devoir décider s’il est prêt à retenter sa chance et lui offrir son cœur après s’être tant fait attendre.


Bad to be Merry

Bad to Be Good | Book Four

Bad to Be Good: Book Four

Former mobster Richard Marsden grew up scrounging on the streets of Detroit. This Christmas, for the first time, he has a family and the means to provide an abundant Christmas, and that’s what he intends to do.

But his husband, Daniel, grew up with everything. For Daniel, Christmas isn’t about receiving gifts, but the opportunity to help others. With his son in the hospital recovering from a tonsillectomy, Daniel knows just who he wants to help this year.

Both Daniel and Richard make plans for their family Christmas assuming the other is on board, leaving their holiday dangling on the precipice of disaster—unless they can remember that family, love, and the holidays mean compromising to give each other what they need. 


Welcome to the Cardinal Christmas Market, an exclusive holiday experience where the offerings are as unique and quirky as the people and town who run it. 

Douglas is a first-time vendor, and he's determined to make a splash and grow from there. A mix-up means he has no choice but to share a booth with Boyd, one of Cardinal's own.

Douglas and Boyd don’t like each other’s style... or one another. But in the ensuing weeks working the booth, with help from a little Cardinal Christmas Market magic, they find their art, world views, personalities, and passions are complementary—even compatible. Can they get past feeling like the coal in each other's stockings to a sweet happy ending, or are they destined to be holiday humbugs?


Workaholic investment banker Timothy Wyatt is determined to spend the first Christmas since his divorce with his four-year-old daughter, Megan. Fate—in the form of the largest winter storm system in a decade—seems determined to thwart him. When his flight from Dallas to Chicago is canceled, along with every other flight for at least the next two days, Tim is willing to try any alternative means of transportation to keep from disappointing his daughter yet again. 

Luckily for Tim, he’s befriended by Zach Whelan, another stranded traveler. Zach is a travel agent, and since he was only planning a solo vacation in Mexico over the holidays, he makes it his mission to get Tim to his daughter in time for Christmas instead. They have three days—how hard can it be?


Dark Tide

Kildevil Cove Murder Mysteries | Book Three

A Kildevil Cove Murder Mystery

They say it never rains but it pours. Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Inspector Danny Quirke would have to agree.

First someone murders a vulnerable Kildevil Cove man and dumps him in an abandoned well. Then the body of a sex-trafficking victim washes up on a nearby beach. Danny has to get to the bottom of both deaths, but with few leads and little support from his superiors, he’s spinning his wheels in a mud pit of a case. Vital resources go missing, witnesses disappear, and suspects proliferate.

Each step toward the truth brings him two steps back. Help comes in the form of Scottish investigator Martin Belshawe, but he may not be who he says he is, and someone in the highest echelons of the Newfoundland Constabulary is lying to Danny. Even Danny’s lover, Tadhg Heaney, whom he looks to for emotional support, seems to know more than he should about the shady characters who keep popping up in the investigation.

With time running out, Danny must decide who, if anyone, he can trust—before the sex traffickers claim their next victims. But on an island, there's no escaping the tide.


When Wil Buchanan walks into the yarn shop in his hometown of Asheville, he isn’t expecting anything other than to get an heirloom bedspread repaired as a Christmas present for his mother. He certainly doesn’t expect the owner to be his age, single, and attractive. The only problem? Wil’s life is in San Francisco… and he left Asheville behind for a reason. But the more time he spends in the city—and with Travis—the more he realizes it’s not the city he remembers, and he’s not the boy he once was.


Late for Christmas


Cassidy Hancock hates being late—he’s pathological about it. Until the crisp fall morning when he pauses to watch his neighbor’s handsome son chase his dog down the sidewalk… and gets hit by a tree.

Mark Taylor sees the whole thing, and as a second-year medical resident, he gets Cassidy top-notch care. In spite of himself, he’s fascinated by his mother’s stodgy neighbor, and as he strives to help Cassidy recover from a broken leg, he begins to realize that behind Cassidy’s obsession with punctuality is the story of a lonely boy who thought he had to be perfect to be loved.

Mark and his family are far from perfect—but they might be perfect for Cassidy. As the two of them get to know each other, Cassidy fantasizes about the family and happy-ever-after he never thought he’d have, and Mark starts to yearn for Cassidy’s wide-eyed kindness and surprising creativity. But first they have to overcome Cassidy’s fears, because there is so much more fun to be had during Christmas than just being on time.


Come the New Year, Luca Vocci is reluctantly headed to LA to start a new life he isn't sure he wants, far away from his beloved New York City and the lights of Broadway. Until then, he’s directionless, without his spark or any idea what to do next—so, with the holiday season upon him, Luca agrees to do a favor for an old friend and his high-school theater class.

Everything goes according to plan until a snowstorm traps Luca in a house with six rather dramatic teenagers, two chaperones with relationship problems, and three unexpected guests. For Luca, the house is full of memories—and now, music. Maybe the spark he’s looking for is hiding in plain sight.


Bad to be Noble

Bad to Be Good | Book Three

Sequel to Bad to Be Worthy
Bad to Be Good: Book Three

For glass artist Ashton Weller, Longboat Key seems like the perfect place to start over. It’s warm, sunny, and far from the dangerous ex he left behind in Chicago, even if his glass studio does get even more uncomfortable in the Florida heat. It’s also home to Terrance Manetti, a man who turns into Ashton’s inadvertent hero when he saves him from some unsavory types at a local restaurant… and may turn into more than that.

Former mobster Terrance has been in Witness Protection with his "brothers" ever since they turned state’s evidence against their former employer. His brothers have a different life here, filled with family and small-time, honest jobs, and Terrance doesn’t know whether to be jealous or derisive.

Not until he meets Ashton, anyway. With Ashton, Terrance could build the kind of life he’s never dared to want—the kind of life where he won’t need the skills he learned in organized crime. Or so he thinks—until Ashton’s past comes looking for him….


Cole-McGinnis Krimi : Band 1 bis 3

Ein Cole-McGinnis-Krimi

Als der ehemalige Polizist und Privatdetektiv Cole McGinnis den Selbstmord des Sohnes eines erfolgreichen koreanischen Geschäftsmannes untersucht, führt ihn das in die Welt reicher, traditioneller Familien, die ein schmutziges Geheimnis der Art geheimhalten, mit dem sich Cole bestens auskennt. Es führt ihn auch in die Arme von Kim Jae-Min, dem Cousin des Opfers, und das könnte zu einem Problem werden, denn dessen Tod sieht mehr und mehr wie ein Mord aus, während Jae-Min das nächste Ziel zu sein scheint.

Kim Jae-Min zu lieben ist nicht immer leicht: Jae fürchtet sich davor, als offen schwuler Mann zu leben, während der zum Privatdetektiv gewordene ehemalige Polizist Cole McGinnis es nicht anders kennt. Als er damit beauftragt wird, einen schwulen Koreaner zu finden, der seit beinahe zwei Jahrzehnten verschwunden ist, segnet eine Person nach der anderen das Zeitliche – und ein geliebter Mensch könnte als Nächstes auf der Liste des Mörders stehen.


Le parc de Lincoln

Des Maillons dans la Chaîne

Lincoln Merriweather a toujours été un sale gosse pensant avoir tous les droits, avec une cuillère en argent dans la bouche enfoncée si loin qu’elle aurait pu ne jamais en sortir. Au club BDSM ou dans les affaires, Lincoln est une tempête, déboulant et perturbant la vie de tous ceux qu’il touche, jusqu’au jour où il rencontre un homme qui retire toutes les couches ternies pour exposer un homme bien.

Lincoln a trouvé – puis perdu – l’amour.

Depuis lors, il essaie d’expier son passé, notamment en s’éloignant de la fortune de sa famille. Il a ouvert un snack, engagé des personnes travaillant pour lui sur lesquelles il aurait craché avant sa révélation. Il a trouvé la paix, qu’il est sur le point de perdre pour un homme aux yeux marron.

Noel Simmons s’est retrouvé à la rue quand ses parents ont découvert qu’il était gay. Son chemin le conduit jusqu’au snack de Lincoln, où il demande un travail. Il est ravi quand Lincoln accepte de l’engager, mais trouve son nouveau patron déconcertant. Une personne peut-elle être aussi gentille et honnête ?

Ce qui commence comme un simple travail devient quelque chose de plus. Noel découvre qu’il a besoin de Lincoln pour se sentir en sécurité. Lincoln a besoin de Noel pour le compléter. Mais quand le passé de Lincoln se met en travers de son présent, auront-ils tous les deux un futur ?


The Rules of War

Gods of War | Book V

Gods of War: Book V

The final war is on the horizon.

Years ago Renaldo would have said all is fair in love and war. Now he’s sure nothing is. His husband, Casto, has left him, and without his touchstone, Renaldo cannot control his powers.

The loss could not come at a worse time. The Good Mother and her followers are stretching out in a power grab, dividing the forces of the Gods of War and putting their victory in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Casto has reached the ancient city of Quell’renar, where raw magic has been burned so deeply into the fabric of creation that no one can stay for any length of time. Delving into the past the city reveals to him shows Casto that he and Renaldo are not so different. But even if he accepts his role as Renaldo’s heart, there’s a long way to go before he’ll find any peace. Because Quell’renar itself is speaking to him, driving him to the brink of insanity….


Passez un peu de temps à la ferme et découvrez ce que signifie l’Amour…
La ferme rurale de Geoff et Eli, dans le Michigan, est un lieu sûr où la famille permet aux amis de guérir des dures réalités du monde extérieur.
Dans le tome 2, le voyage vers la maison, l’espoir et la famille se poursuit. Les ultimatums parentaux, les attaques ciblées et les accidents de voiture qui changent la vie ne pourront rien contre le pouvoir de guérison de l’amour et de la gentillesse. Ces hommes apprendront à leurs dépens ce que l’amour peut vraiment signifier.


Residential Rehab

Restoration Channel | Book 2

It’s never too late to try something new.

After a year of mourning, it’s time for Nolan Hamlin to live again. But finding a new place in the world doesn’t happen easily.

Already famous as a designer, Nolan is a shoo-in for a new Restoration Channel show host. The brief is simple—help people who’ve gotten in over their heads with their fixer-uppers—but the costar situation is anything but.

For up-and-coming interior decorator Grayson Woods, working with a veteran like Nolan is a dream come true. For one, he’s young and this could make his career. For two, he’s had a crush on Nolan forever. But while Grayson has plenty of life experience, his résumé doesn’t hold up to Nolan’s. He hopes he can keep up.

Despite clashing design aesthetics and a fifteen-year age difference, Grayson manages to charm Nolan. With the show keeping them in close proximity, it’s only a matter of time before they give in to their growing attraction. It isn’t the life Nolan thought he wanted—but when that life comes calling, he has to make a choice. Is there room in his future and his home for a guy like Grayson?


Eine Ranch im Osten Idahos am Laufen zu halten ist harte Arbeit. Die Sommer sind trocken und die Winter eisig kalt. Die atemberaubende Umgebung des Grand Tetons bietet den Männern, die versuchen ihren Lebensunterhalt zu bestreiten, wenig Trost.

Einen Partner zu finden, der ein fester Bestandteil ihrer Leben wird, ist etwas, das sie nicht zu hoffen wagen, vor allem wenn besagter Partner männlich und harte Arbeit sieben Tage die Woche, zweiundfünfzig Wochen im Jahr gewöhnt sein soll.

Glücklicherweise folgt aber auf Regen Sonnenschein.

In Clouds and Rain – Ein Lichtblick für Gable stolpert Flynn unerwartet in Gables Leben und hilft ihm, seine Ranch zu retten.

In Earth and Sky – Ein Neubeginn für Hunter muss Grant alle Hebel in Bewegung setzen, um Hunter davon zu überzeugen, dass seine Absichten besser sind als sein Ruf es diesen glauben lässt.

In Floods and Drought – Eine zweite Chance für Rory hinterfragt Tim seine Entscheidung, seinen Boss Hunter zu bitten, Rory eine zweite Chance als Arbeiter auf dessen Ranch zu geben, nachdem dieser aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wurde.

In Moon and Stars – Ein Wiedersehen mit Cooper müssen Cooper und Kelly ihren Familien und Freunden helfend zur Seite stehen und zeitgleich all die Hindernisse, die zwischen ihnen beiden stehen, aus dem Weg räumen.


Dead Woman's Pond

Nearly Departed | Book One

2022 Goldie Award Finalist - Paranormal/Occult/Horror

No matter how Flynn Dalton tries to avoid it, the supernatural finds her.

At first it’s not so bad. Flynn’s girlfriend, Genesis, is a nationally known psychic, which makes Flynn uncomfortable for both paranormal and financial reasons, but she can handle it. As long as no one makes her talk about it.

Then, on her way home from her construction job, Flynn almost ends up the latest casualty of Festivity’s infamous Dead Man’s Pond. And when her ex-lover’s ghost appears to warn her away, things get a whole lot weirder.

Flynn might not like it, but the pond has fixated on her to be its next victim. If she wants to survive, she’ll have to swallow her pride, accept Gen’s help, and get much closer to the psychic realm—and her own latent psychic abilities—than she ever wanted.


Nautilus Than Perfect

Sucker For Love Mysteries | Book 4

Detective Elwood Q. Chase has ninety-nine problems, and the unexpected revelation that his partner is a god is only one of them.

Chase has been in love with Benjamin Merrick for years and has resigned himself to a life of unrequited pining. But when they run afoul of a strange cult, Merrick’s secret identity as Gordoth the Untouched slips out… and so do Chase’s feelings. The timing can’t be helped, but now Merrick thinks Chase only cares about him because he’s a god.

Even more unfortunately, it turns out the cultists want to perform a ritual to end the world. Chase’s mission to convince Merrick his feelings predate any divine revelations takes a back seat to a case tangled with murder and lies, but Chase doesn’t give up. Once he finds out there’s a chance Merrick feels the same way, he digs in his heels. Suddenly he’s trying to court a god and save the world at the same time. What could possibly go wrong?